White labeling

Learning Center provides content that is exclusive to the organizations/businesses/individuals. This platform can be modified according to various organizations / businesses / individual's requirements.

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Enhanced security

It has enhanced security with single sign-in, advanced authentication, and firewall to secure the materials. And all these add as additional security support for the organizations and learners.

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Multi-language software

Learning Center software supports multiple languages. This makes it unique from other similar platforms.

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What makes us unique?

Powerful learning tools

Learning Center has diverse types/ categories of learning materials and it supports multiple languages which makes it suitable for learning anytime, anywhere, and for anyone easily possible.

Different types of learning materials

Various types of learning files can be attached- video, audio, images, documents, YouTube/Vimeo

Multiple attachments in a learning material

Learning materials can be uploaded in different volumes

Optional Download feature

Download options can be made optional for learning materials

Search History

Customers can easily get their search history and also most viewed contents in the learning center

Learning Center is a top-notch learning platform that combines all the best features of learning expertise and digital technology.

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#1 Learning Platform

Well, learning was never as simple as it is today. With the advent of technology, it has become accessible for learners anywhere online. Learning Center is a leading learning platform that helps organizations/Individuals to share their knowledge and build a community of ardent learners.

  • Helps trainers, teachers, counselors, companies etc.
  • Thousands of learning materials with flexible learning options can be uploaded
  • Filter options to choose learning materials
All Features

Diverse learning options

Well, who wouldn't like learning tools in various options...like video tutorial, audio, images, documents etc which make it interesting and engaging. Learning center provides different types of learning materials suited for all types of learners and also with downloadable options for future reference.


How we works

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Visibility of materials to specific learners

Certain materials can be visible only to certain learners.

Categorize study lessons

Each study lessons can be categorized for eg. technology, business, marketing, IT etc. So the end user can easily get the materials according to types.

Featured attachments

Certain attachments can be made featured. Featured attachments will be visible primarily or as a separate section.

Different Categories

Learning Center supports various categories like IT & software development, marketing, business, teaching, etc.

Effective Add ons

Multiple add-ons to enhance the flexibility and overall performance of the learning platform

Paid Purchase of learning

Customer rating of learning

Comment option for learners for
study materials

Multi- Language

Payment Integration

Multiple admins to manage
learning center resources

Chat system

Q and A options for learners

Cloud backup

"Tell me and I forget, teach me and I may remember, involve me and I learn."

Benjamin Franklin


What they say about us

We have received some excellent reviews from our happy Customers. Check them out here

Learning center is an excellent platform that helps our network marketing business to upload our learning materials very fast and secure. It helps to support our customers and makes our customer relationship very strong.

John Partho
Newyork USA

Learning center is very useful to me. I am a retired Maths Professor and it helps me to build a community of strong learners. I could easily upload my tutorials, videos, and study materials securely. Students can access these without any payment.

John Partho
Newyork USA

This platform has increased my teaching scope with my student community.

John Partho
Newyork USA

Very rarely you find space to share your ideas about marketing on a large scale. Learning Center is one such awesome platform.

John Partho
Newyork USA

Very rarely you find space to share your ideas about marketing on a large scale. Learning Center is one such awesome platform.

John Partho
Newyork USA
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